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Food & Wine pairings

A romantic dinner for two, an impromptu get-together with friends, a family meal to plan…The sheer diversity of Alsace wines makes them the perfect accompaniment to mark all manner of occasions: delicate and refined wines to celebrate more formal occasions, wines rich with heady aromas to capture your guests’ imaginations from cocktails throughout dinner, or crisp and thirst-quenching wines for any meal, from simple to gourmet. For every occasion, there is an Alsace wine to choose from.

Some advices for your meals

Muscat - Civa
Muscat - Civa

Aperitif, drinks parties
and celebrations

Both dry and aromatic, the wines of Alsace make excellent aperitif wines, especially Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Crémant d’Alsace.
With their fine acidity and delicate aromas, these wines tantalize the taste buds, paving the way for the next course, not too sweet nor too high in alcohol.
And for parties and receptions, Alsace wines always find their place.

Sylvaner - Civa
Sylvaner - Civa

Starters, salads
and charcuterie

To accompany your favourite salads, charcuterie and other starters, let yourself be tempted by Alsace wines.
Sylvaner or Pinot Noir with charcuterie, Riesling with fish or shellfish, Muscat with asparagus…

The combinations are endless, flavoursome and varied.

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Pinot Gris - Civa
Pinot Gris - Civa

Foods of the world

Alsace wines just like the celebrated storks from the region, like to explore exotic territories.
For Alsace wines, gastronomy has no frontiers : Asian, Mediterranean, Indian or Mexican dishes are well-known to them, thanks to the specific personality of each Alsace wine.
Sylvaner and sushi, Riesling and Vietnamese spring rolls, or Gewurztraminer and tacos are just a few of the possible stops on this journey around the world of flavours.

Pinot Noir - Civa
Pinot Noir - Civa

Meat and game

White meats naturally call for white wines, which best complement their delicate flavours without overpowering them, as some red wines might.
Riesling with roast chicken, Pinot Gris with roast veal, Gewurztraminer with ham and pineapple are just a few examples of delicious food and wine combinations.
With red meat or game, Pinot Noir is an ideal match.

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Gewurztraminer - Civa
Gewurztraminer - Civa


Alsace, known for its dry wines, also produces intense and sometimes sweet wines such as Gewurztraminer that provide a magnificent match to less-sweet desserts, as does Crémant d’Alsace.
For sweeter desserts, Vendanges Tardives and Sélections de Grains Nobles make marvellous pairings : these indications designate exceptional rich or sweet wines and will make your desserts truly dazzle.

Riesling - Civa
Riesling - Civa


Pinot Blanc : Fresh and young, Mild cheeses
Riesling : Dry goat’s cheese
Sylvaner : Cheese fondues
Gewurztraminer : Soft cheeses, Matured ripe cheeses (Munster, Pont l’Evêque, Maroilles), Blue cheeses
Pinot Noir Hard and other cheeses